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Cushion Mat Heavy
Product Code : Cushion Mat Heavy
Size : Width 4 Ft.
Color : All major colours.
Price : Rs. 180.00 sq.ft.
Product Description :
Cushion Mats are very elegant looking door mats. The mats are very effective. The heavy quality is suitable for places with heavy traffic like Malls, Cinema Halls and any Corportate Office.
Cushion Mat Lite
Product Code : Cushion Mat Lite
Size : Width 4 Ft.
Color : All major colours.
Price : Rs. 140.00 sq.ft.
Product Description :
Cushion Mat is a very elegant looking door mat. The lite quality is good for any small office, homes and places with normal and lite traffic.
Duro Wipe Door Mat
Product Code : Duro Wipe
Size : Standard Width of 4Ft.
Color : 5 Colour options.
Price : Please call us to know the latest price.
Product Description :
Duro Wipe is High Grade polymer mat with twin blade operation which wipes out water/moisture and sucks out dirt in one single wipe. The mat is useful at entrances, lobbies, passages, corridors, pathways etc.